Gerontophobia (Hatred or fear of the elderly) & Gerontophilia (fetish or attraction to the elderly)

So today  I wanted to post about 


which is the irrational fear or hatred of the elderly,

not to be confused with ageism

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 I came across this term while doing a little research for my last post ( Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia, & Spectrophobia (Fear of Mirrors/Reflections)

From what I’ve read so far on gerontophobia, are those who fear old people usually have this phobia due to their own fear of aging or fear of death.

Then there are those  with gerontophobia who hate the elderly and i’m still not really sure why but I do have a couple of videos below of youtubers who speak on their hatred for old folks, as well as one video of one who fears them.

Check them out below:


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In contrast, there are those who have a particular fetish or attraction to the elderly. 


and I’m not gonna lie, actress Sarah Paulson came to mind while writing this, due to her relationship history with older women.

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But i’ll save that for another time. If you’re curious and would like more details about that, check out Sarah Paulson Still Doesn’t Get (or Care) Why People Think It’s “Fascinating and Odd” She’s Dating 74-Year-Old Holland Taylor

What do you think of those who have gerontophobia or gerontophilia? How do you personally feel about the elderly or growing old? Let me know in the comments below!

Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia, & Spectrophobia (Fear of Mirrors/Reflections)


When I first heard about catoptophobia, it made no sense to me. Why did grown people of all people, suffer from this phobia? Was it their reflection they disliked seeing? Was it in any way connected to eating disorders or body dysmorphia?

After digging a litte more into this, I can now kind of understand and sympathize with those coping with these mirror phobias.

What  exactly


Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia 


Spectrophobia ?

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Spectrophobia  … Sufferers of spectrophobia can fear the breaking of a mirror bringing extreme bad luck. They can fear the thought of something frightening jumping out of the mirror or seeing something disturbing inside of it next to their own reflection when looking directly at it.” –

Eisoptrophobia – Fear of seeing yourself in a mirror

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So, in short:

Eisoptrophobia– don’t want to see themselves in mirrors

Catoptrophobia– dont like anything reflective, including mirrors

Spectrophobia– think something or someone will jump out of mirror or appear in mirror, also superstitious

Please check out a short but very interesting video below on the “whys” of these mirror phobias:

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I can’t help wondering if maybe the fear stems from childhood stories or movies, as they seemed to be based off some sort of superstition and the supernatural.



Treatment typically includes exposure therapy  and psychotherapy.


Even after the research i’ve done, I still can’t help but wonder:

  1. How these people drive (or if they drive)
  2. Do they ever use any mirrors to dress or comb their hair in the morning,
  3. Do they wear makeup?
  4.  How do they cope when they  go out to eat in restaurants where beverages are served in glass?

Do you or anyone else you know have any of these mirror phobias? Have you ever heard of it before today?  Let me know in the comments below.